Our world is extremely complex and ambiguous, but its undeniable advantage is a huge number of ways for self-realization, choice of profession, entertainment, philosophical and religious movements, countries, peoples and social strata that have their own unique standards of morality and attitude to life. All this allows each of us to customize the world for ourselves, to make it as relevant as possible for our inner world, and, despite the contradictions, this is certainly wonderful.

We talked a lot about the fact that escort services for men of high level and range are a conscious choice of the men themselves, which has several advantages over other forms of relationships and leisure, a unique and wonderful opportunity to choose the character, duration and other features of the relationships, as well as the companion, which is very important for those who adhere to the principle: “if you want to do something well, do it yourself”.

However, we still ignored escort girls, discussing the advantages of escort services. And today we will fix it and talk about that work in the escort is given by the escort models themselves.

The first, but far from the most important, is rewards. Of course, they are great. But despite this, you should not go to an escort for those who believe that working in an escort is an easy way to earn quickly and a lot. First of all, before the escort model starts receiving worthy awards, it has to work on itself a lot and for a long time, and it's not just about beauty salons and training in sports clubs - reading, rhetoric, psychology, knowledge of foreign languages, own list of victories and achievements in any professional activity, diplomacy - this is not a complete list of what you need to have in order to become not only attractive, but also interesting to smart and successful men. And secondly - the girl, becoming an escort model, must understand that the path chosen by her is not easy and she will need to combine the fatal seductress, personal assistant, psychologist, friend and many other personalities, doing it organically, naturally and gracefully. Escort models are highly valued and are generously rewarded, but, as you can see, not only radiant eyes.

The second is the opportunity for the girl to gain a decent social circle and enlist the support of influential people. If your ambitions are great, your mind is alive and your plans for life are ambitious - this is the way for you. The man who once found an outlet in you, a source of human, female warmth and care, most likely will not be satisfied with the material reward for his muse - and then the girl gets a shot of her dream, organizes her show or exhibition, writes songs for her long-awaited album or concludes a profitable the contract - because her influential patron, to whom she presented joy, decided to please her too.

The third is getting new impressions, skills and knowledge. Travel, important events, exhibitions, closed shows, new cities, countries, cultures, cuisine - all this can not fail to fascinate. For a girl who is new to new discoveries and prospects, working in an escort is a wonderful option to quench her thirst for knowledge, while being protected by a reliable companion, strong, brave and confident. Girls with great data find it difficult to get into the whirl of life, find out their value, see real life full of opportunities, interesting people and vivid impressions, if they initially grew up and lived in a circle of people interested exclusively in those things whose totality is commonly called "unhealthy life. " Working in an escort for such girls is a saving straw that can pull them into life, to people who will appreciate her beauty and intelligence.

And finally, the fourth - the embodiment of a fairy tale. Well, one of the girls in childhood did not dream of a prince? Having read fairy tales, almost all of us began to learn sophisticated manners as babies, grow hair and braid beautifully, gracefully hold back, talk beautifully and elegantly fold handles, sitting down on a chair - after all, the prince should fall in love at first sight, but this is not enough: For many years, every day, admire the wondrous beauty, inner strength, intelligence, and perfect manners of her princess, which is universally admired and sincerely loved by all. And if the tale still attracts you, and your self-perfection, starting from that first shaggy pigtail, did not stop even for a day and you achieved - and we are sure of it! - if not perfect, then something very close to him, then work in the escort can be for you the royal ball, where you will meet your happiness. Prepare the best dress: a chance to make a lasting first impression - always only one!


We are looking for new faces to work in an escort agency! We have better conditions and prices!




for dinner and all kinds of events


with support


high prices

Terms of cooperation

  • - in apartments LUX, in different districts of Moscow and trips
  • -high income from 15000 $ a month!
  • -payment for housing / stylist / highly-qualified security services
  • -out-of-town special conditions (on-line casting and ticket payment)
  • -Tipping yours, payments on hands at once
  • -possibility of combining with studies at the university (free schedule)
  • -help in creating a photo shoot! services of stylist, make-up artist.

Dear escort model

mail for profiles and portfolio VIP.ESCORTMOSCOW@MAIL.RU

indicate in the application form:
  • - city of residence and the possibility of moving
  • - age
  • - height and weight
  • - volumes
  • - education, titles, skills, languages
  • - experience
  • - attach professional or amateur photos to the questionnaire

Model requirements

Age and physical data

Girls are strictly from 18 to 27 years! Hair is not less than medium length! Growth not less than 170 cm!


Well-groomed and knowledge of etiquette is plus


Without bad habits (drugs, alcohol)!