Escort service

Escort services: elite girls

The modern development of business turnover, and the dynamics of all life, actively rising in recent years to unprecedented heights, has led to the fact that all business people, from the average business person to a successful high rank, need the constant presence of an attractive companion . Our salon provides escort services for different escort needs and occasions in life.

Pleasantness and usefulness

We, as a professional team and elite escort service, provide a specialized escort program. Possess a companion in the shape of a slender, charming and educated girl. & Ndash; it is not only pleasant for understanding self-sufficiency, but also extremely useful for business in various angles.

Salon of elite leisure and professional escort, presents beautiful, educated and intelligent women for escort for various support purposes:

       For successful conduct of business negotiations.

Undoubtedly, the presence of a charming companion in negotiations in a business format within the restaurant, cafe or outing, will soften the situation and will positively influence the mood of the opposite side. Even the most irreconcilable negative mood of partners is guaranteed to be milder in the predisposition to signing contracts and other securities. A special format of ease will be, will bring to the course of the meeting from the side of a clever and charming girl.

       Rest for a pleasant evening.

Business life by the evening receded into the background, when business and successful people want simple and comfortable leisure, in order to relax from routine daily affairs. Our salon does not offer paid intime services, but it helps to eliminate the lack of peace of mind and warmth. Intimate services will not give that sense of harmony and relevance that are lavished on business travel and on business trips.

Remuneration level

Bukker coordinates the activity of the salon and conducts selection of the best applicants for escort at first through a photo or video. Further there is a personal meeting with a nominee, after all a photo will not show an essence of the person. There are for such purposes training and special video-training, where the girls are selected for cooperation along the way. Training programs and master classes of trainings give girls the basic concepts of the basis of our company's activities, escort leisure for wealthy individuals, where knowledge is laid:

       Ability to choose the right wardrobe and dress stylishly.

       To look after the body, hair and so on.

       Professionally to apply makeup, so that the photo looks harmonious and natural.

In addition, the girls take courses in video format and trainings:

       Statement of speech.

       Positioning skills for secular photos.

       The basis of secular manners and rules of conduct.

       The skills of submitting yourself, the presentation of personality, is comparable with photo-sessions.

       Skills of conversation.

The level of reward for the salon escort services varies depending on the scope of the girl's needs and the profile of her specialization: economics, jurisprudence, foreign languages ​​and so on. The price can vary from the location of the meeting and individual needs.

The professionalism of our employees and the ability to lead a situation can be considered as role-playing games, where the customer is guaranteed to come out the winner. Many may think that without an intimacy escort escort is not complete, as in the photo there are well-represented very chic virgins. It is worth noting that we provide specialists and subtle psychologists, and mutual sympathy and even love – thing uncontrolled.