Luxurious lush women will brighten up the leisure of the sophisticated

Chic lush women will brighten up the leisure of the sophisticated

Not many people know why Audrey Hepburn is so organically in the tape & laquo; Breakfast at Tiffany & raquo ;, played a girl from an escort agency. For today, Audrey is a great actress, and in her youth, the way to glory has been through the accompaniment of wealthy personalities to events. By the way, then the actress did not meet the standards of beauty – she was too tall and thin as a sliver. Lush shapes – here is the wealth of a real female model.

A bit of history about beauty and leisure

For today the most beautiful girls in Moscow would be, at least not in demand in the profession of escort services. Somewhat surprisingly, the escort services, as a true profession, have been known for a long time and there are more than one millennium. It is worth noting that the photo of the former beauties differs greatly from the photos of today's leading super models.

To brighten up the leisure of the glorious men of that time, only ladies with incomparable beauty, where lush forms were considered a true pleasure when touched by a woman, had the opportunity. These words are not empty, there are photos confirming the relevance of the chic forms of far from lean maidens.

In confirmation, it is permissible to note well-known personalities for the present who have been doing their favorite thing – Escort escort of wealthy people:

        Marilyn Monroe – a famous actress who, by the way, was not endowed with great acting talent. Beautiful Marilyn accompanied military men, businessmen, politicians to various events, than they were proud, and the girl meanwhile made good acquaintances. After all, the photos of a charming lady are still worried about men's hearts.

        Emmanuelle Bear – French actress, who gained tremendous experience through communication in secular circles while escorting successful persons, whom she later broke hearts after acquaintance.

        Melanie Laurent – known actress for the role in the band & laquo; Inglourious Basterds & raquo ;. Once, once at a secular party, Melanie got acquainted with Gerard Depardieu, who paved the path of the beauty on the big screen. Thanks to Depardieu's attention, Laurent did her favorite work and gave comfort to a famous actor.

Not for nothing were the words about famous personalities that accompanied wealthy status masters in their time were uttered. Completely not all of the above-mentioned well-known personalities, but in fact many in demanded ladies were endowed with magnificent seductive forms.

Spicy beauties

Men like lush women, so to speak, & laquo; in juice & raquo; for many reasons. Unfortunately, not all members of the stronger sex can admit this. After all, modern standards of the model of beauty are far from tempting pleasure, which dictates the increased demand as an accompaniment and for leisure on the skinny models, the photos of which are filled with offer galleries. Thus, forcing lustrous divas to go on the most terrible sacrifices, exhausting their chic body with excessive exercises, constant diets and even surgical interventions, in order to at least slightly resemble the colorless hub, which is so carefully advertised in the photo in virtually all mass media.

In fact, it is the lushly handsome cute beauties that men recognize as charming and beautiful. Not for nothing on the podium show all you can see the full-bodied divas, many of which are recognizable from photos in glossy magazines. So for today for the sophisticated are represented the Portfolio galleries with the photo of the chic women who are languishingly waiting for acquaintance and a bright exit for their client.

It is worth noting that such acquaintances for a successful man occupying a high social position, will be the most memorable feeling of comfort and fun. After all, everyone knows that a charming, cheerful and loving person can not be little.