The first meeting after the correspondence: ways to surprise the girl

First meeting after correspondence: ways to surprise a girl

Representatives of the charming half of mankind are rightfully precious pearls in gray life, which brighten up the everyday life. Therefore, it is very important for a guy to behave properly, to speak beautifully and gallantly to care for a beautiful nymph. And what if the acquaintance is held for the first time, what to do and how to behave correctly in order to please.

Relevance rendezvous

The most significant is the meeting with the girl, which will happen for the first time. Both for a guy and me for a girl – this is the strongest stress. By the way, for a guy, stress is much stronger, because it is for a man's share that he has a chance to surprise a charming girl in order to interest her in the end.

After futile and long meditations, what to wear (although this is more correlated to the female half, but this fact also excites the males to the note). Most of all, he worries about guys, what to say on a date, and what exactly to say at the beginning of the evening. By the way, if you behave with the girl confidently, even dressed in ragged jeans (and not a suit with a tie) and give at least a small bouquet, then there are all chances that she will be much shy and behave shyly.

And this is not the whole list of unrest that captures a guy, and even a completely mature man, with a rendezvous with a girl he likes, because you have to leave a good impression and yourself with the hope of a long evening ending with a pleasant breakfast. Sometimes it's difficult to surprise a lady, just for the reason that after bright promises on the phone or in correspondence, to behave like an out-of-the-way fighter because of shyness does not work, which immediately indicates shortcomings.

It is worth remembering that if a girl has already agreed to a date, even if she is blind, she is ready for new impressions, whatever they are, and present herself as a beautiful pearl.

Gifts, confidence and attention

For a charming girl you want to do everything at once: pay attention to yourself, surprise yourself, talk about beauty, and give the original compliment and present. Gifts from a guy like girls, because it can talk about attention and interest. After a moment's meditation, what to give, you should immediately think about a bouquet of fresh flowers, by the way, which is acceptable to choose the color of the eyes (a bow on your favorite blouse, shoes, etc.) girls, which is acceptable and surprise right away.

After the delivery of flowers, you do not need to follow a special gift. This is permissible and limited to a date for the first time. Yet for many it may seem a little. Then you can give a sweet modest bracelet, which will be a simple reminder of the main rendezvous of acquaintance after a short correspondence. The bracelet can be an ordinary costume jewelry, but most importantly, it is matched with taste.

In general, it is not the main thing to present expensive gifts when meeting. It is important that even an ordinary bouquet of fresh flowers be presented.

Ways to note

Surprising an excellent person is possible in several simple ways:

1.     Meet her for the first time at the doorstep, for example, work (in the evening, in the morning or at lunch time), at home in the early morning on the car or without it. Take with you a basket with a light snack: fruits, cakes and stuff. This can not only surprise, but also demonstrate the fact of future care.

2.     Prepare a poster with an interesting inscription: & laquo; happy to finally see, Irina & raquo ;, & lquo; look forward, Ksyusha & raquo; and so on. Meet the girl on the agreed place with such a poster in hand.

3.     To hide in your pocket, for example, a rose, which you give a girl unexpectedly at any time of the evening.

4.     Surprise can also be a bright appearance. Let's say, not to drive up on a banal limousine, but on a bus with a personal driver. With the driver you can arrange in advance, and rent a bus for an hour in the car park, because you need it to just reach, for example, a restaurant or a cafe.

The original options for an unforgettable appearance and ways to enjoy, there are many, the main thing is to know about the preferences of the beautiful still stranger.

Ladies, Ladies,

For a beautiful half of humanity, a rendezvous with a guy or a man, which will happen for the first time, is also quite an important event. After online communication, the virgin should clearly be aware of whether she wants this acquaintance in life. How much comfort for her will be the situation of the upcoming visit. And what feelings she wants to experience after contact: respect, friendship, love and so on.

To surprise a modern man or a guy in our time with something extraordinary for a girl is extremely difficult, since it is permissible to meet the most beautiful representatives of the fair sex in the streets of megacities in a very little concealed form. But also it is worth remembering that if so, the date of the meeting is outlined, then the interest of the male is evident.

How to behave when meeting on a date, well-educated ladies know. And here's what to say – the question is as complex as in the situation with the male half. First of all, after careful preparation for appearance, it is worth thinking about and putting yourself in the shoes of a man – it is just as difficult for him to concentrate and conduct a conversation naturally. Therefore, it is recommended to completely relax, maybe even skipping a glass of wine in a cafe, and talking about it – men like it.

It is worth remembering that to hit each other the opposite side of a joint rendezvous, especially if the couple is not at a young age, it is almost impossible. The fact that both agreed to adventure in the form of a joint rendezvous, for example, after an online dating – already an attempt to amaze fate personally. And any personality can lead to companionship with him, if there is a need and interest in it.