Moscow opens fast acquaintances

Moscow opens fast acquaintances

Each individual has a chance to become happy and be loved. Unfortunately, there is very little time for this chance, especially the capital. Try to be happy, being a girl or a guy, and plunge into the world of love is possible if you try to visit the service of fast dating.

Real Dating in Dynamics

Philistines of the capital, who do not have enough time for acquaintances, meetings, for the establishment of relationships and courtship, began to use the full experience of foreign youth. If you touch on the history of the origin of typical fast parties, it is worth knowing that the first such event took place in the US (Beverly Hills) in the 1998 cafe. The organizer of such an unusual party and the way to get acquainted with the girl is a Los Angeles resident named Rabbi Yakov Devo. After that such methods of express communication were seized by many countries where it is so hard for people to find a companion in life.

So to get acquainted with a potential spouse, being a girl, or to choose a candidate for recreation, being a guy, everyone can, and all for about 3-4 hours of time in one evening.

These nights look quite simple, but they pass very, very dynamically, because in the time allotted (in about 3-5 minutes), before the eyes the gentlemen change with whom it is necessary not only to get acquainted, but also to have time to show oneself. Being a girl, a person sits at a separate table, and to her during the allotted hours, young men and men sit down and imagine themselves to her, and she herself briefly.

The process as a whole resembles a quick communication in a subway car or at a stop, when you meet accidentally with someone's eyes. A person may be interested, but parting is inevitable. The party implies a very limited time for acquaintance, when the brain starts to form an initial impression of the candidate who was sitting down before the girl.

It is worth noting that such a five-minute dialogue can lead to a serious relationship, to which there is real evidence of the facts. By the way, that on fast dates not only future spouses, new acquaintances with the girl, interesting friends are being sought, but also steadfast business partners.

First time: what to expect

Guys with girls on arrival are accommodated in separate rooms. The organizer should submit simple rules of participation in the event and a little about the very meaning of express communication.

Usually, before the start of the party, the male part of the company gathers at the bar counter and conducts personal conversations, some even exchange business cards, and make interesting acquaintances. The beautiful half of the society communicate at tables, before taking their place at a certain table, designated and labeled from A1 to A16. As a rule, more than 16 girls are not invited to the party.

Being a girl, of course, the place is reserved for a table, as the lady is not supposed to run from the table to the table in search of the ideal companion. Further in the room with fine ladies are men who take places relative to their personal badge. For example, to the table with the number A1 comes a man with the number B1. after the sound of a siren or melody, communication is considered open and started. So young people in sequence move from table to table, until 16 scheduled meetings and interesting (or not so) acquaintances happen.

For yourself, the person who most liked you (often not one is noted). After the end of the party, it is permissible to stay in a cafe and continue communication with an interesting guy or girl. In the future, you can communicate only with those individuals with whom you want to see, because everyone has the choice to give their personal information to the applicant for the heart or not.