Model of successful acquaintance

Model of successful acquaintance: benefit for luck

The overwhelming majority of young people, over the years, develops his own personal model of behavior when meeting with a beautiful girl. Not only is the girl picked up for you by the specialists of our escort agency, it is still desirable to find contact with her so that the night of bright leisure can not be wasted.

Successes in dating and seduction

In modern society, a common model of behavior is adopted, which is used for acquaintance, involving the acquisition and delivery of special gifts, a hike through restaurants, a walk through the evening city and so on. Escort escort, in the face of bikers, will pick up a genuinely suitable girl for leisure, to find which among a million population, is not actually destined to anyone.

A beautiful person, based on the received data on the accompanying client, and her own intuitive perception of men, will find the way to your soul, but this girl should be placed to herself, so that close cooperation was crowned with a successful event. The model of the established behavior in society, reflecting the costs of a huge amount of energy and power on courtship, has long been ineffective.

Without moral and energy costs

There is an accepted form of behavior when acquainted with a charming nymph, escorted escort from our agency, which does not require a surplus of energy and moral costs. It is worth remembering that men who pretend to be not what they really are, push everyone around from themselves.

The simplest thing in the behavior when meeting, to correspond to the following indicators, which suggest:

        It is worth to be always content with yourself, than to reveal a good mood.

        When meeting the views, it is worth confidently continue to look the lady in the eye, without taking her eyes off. Then calmly turn your gaze down and slip casually over your body, then return to your eyes.

        Do not be embarrassed by the gaze of the companion (this is the satellite suppression model) & ndash; answer with a calm and firm gaze.

        It is desirable to find self-control and not externally show signs of desire for close communication with the girl, as well as it is not necessary to identify fears or embarrassment in contact. At the same time, internally, there should be a sensual tension in the positive desire for closer communication, which a charming person will surely feel and will reveal by that it will further distinguish his client from the crowd. The desire to find an excuse for the next meeting can then follow from it.