Where to go in Moscow with a girl

Where to go in Moscow with a girl

How to spend an interesting and memorable day in Moscow with a girl or where to go for a weekend. This is a question that interests many visitors of the city and the townsfolk. Below we will present a lot of advice for rational pastime and ideas, where to go with interest and benefit.

The direction of intellectual development

Each individual is endowed with his own preferences, which can range from gay gatherings with a girl in a cafe, finishing with a visit to a bathhouse. And it's not that I really wanted to get soar, but because of the inertia of the direction of the development of the friendly company's relations. Such a closed type holiday in Moscow pleases many. After all, who will not be pleased with the bathing relaxing exercise without any modesty.

Another requires an unusually intellectual surge, which will wash away the negative effects of a long work week. With a busy schedule of work, the costs of personal time come. Then it is worth thinking about where to go, in order to be distracted by a girl in institutions of a noisy capital of cognitive nature.

Intellectual free hours of pastime are acceptable to start with a few significant places that are advised for compulsory attendance. So, cultural rest, which can be crowned with a fascinating evening and night of impressions in Moscow, it is worth starting with theaters.

  • Pyotr Fomenko's workshop
  • Satyricon Theater
  • Crocus City and other theatrical grounds.

It is worth noting that the aforementioned theatrical stages have long since departed from the understanding of the theater in the classical style. Theatrical grounds highlight unusually topical themes in a creative light. The performances will be an interesting discovery, both for the experienced spectator, and for the younger generation. By the way, many subjects are developed specifically for youth knowledge of life.

In the capital there is not one theatrical pearl, where you can go with a wonderful companion. A visit to an interesting production can be called an unusually pleasant rest for relaxation, for example, to the theme of the romantic background of a date with a girl.

Rest with Active Component

Rest in Moscow can be not only highly intellectual, but also quite active. It is worth to go to the water park, as a center for water active entertainment, which will help make recreation and romantic. To the most famous water centers, and visited not only by youth and couples with children, the water parks of the capital can include the following:

  • Fantasy Park
  • Kwa-Kwa Water Park;
  • MOREON, etc.

The centers, which are listed above as a board for visiting, have not only water attractions, but also fitness areas, saunas, bars with refreshing cocktails. In addition, each visitor visiting any of the water park with a girl can cap in a restaurant or a bistro at an institution where delicious dishes will please physiology after an active pastime. In any of the water parks you can spend a whole day in fun. For example, "Fantasy Park", which stands in the list recommended for the visit, will please not only the presence of several water slides, but also a rollerdrome and an exotic restaurant on the water surface.

Playing billiards or bowling can be a great alternative in an active search for entertainment, while spending time in a bored park on the water. To many entertainment centers, it is permissible to include the original structure called « Airplane Bowling & raquo; located in the heart of the immense capital. A pleasant evening in the company of the girl this institution guarantees. So in a huge center in Moscow it is permissible to play enough billiards or bowling, after which to move to the cafe of the institution, where the taste of the visitor is represented by the cuisine of different nations of the world. In the evening, it is permissible to go to an incendiary disco, held every calendar weekend without exception.

Extreme vacation for a note

Fans of extreme sports in the same way will not remain without a pleasant stay in Moscow. Accompanied by a like-minded person, it is permissible to make a jump with a parachute, ride a quad bike, or go up in a balloon over the foreseeable spaces. At heart typical entertainment can, where not everyone will be, but this is only at first glance. If you bring a companion there, then she will remain under the strongest impression. Bright and exciting experiences will help to romance crown an exquisite evening.

To extreme entertainment, many can be attributed to equestrian sport, which is also worth going to, in order to qualitatively and brightly spend time. So leisure from the center of the capital is transferred to a recreation area known as the Tropaevo-Nikulino, where experienced instructors will help saddle the steed. Provided that the horse walk is not the first, and attempts to sit in the horse's saddle were earlier, the walk will leave only a welcoming impression.

Romance and only

The first place from which to start a romantic pastime with a companion, if this is the mood, is called Tsaritsynsky Park. Tsaritsyno is a pretty cozy romantic place. The park is somewhat remote from the central part of Moscow, but it is not difficult to find it when driving for half an hour, even by metro. For the owners of their own car at the main entrance to the reserve-museum an excellent parking was created. In addition, even bicycles can be safely stored on bike parks, which are not difficult to find at virtually all entrances to the reserve territory.

Tsaritsynsky Park preserved the soul of the times of Catherine II. Walks in Tsaritsyno along the paths and avenues that have stored for more than one hundred years of the secrets of the tsarist rule will be left in euphoria.

The whitish-gray surface of a calm pond located on the territory of an impressive green park does not even float swans. For the gracefulness of beautiful birds, known to many, can be observed with admiration for long minutes and hours.

Evening in Tsaritsyno fascinates in a special way, especially in warm summer evenings. A musical luminous fountain, which is included in the dark period of the day after 20:00, is one of the great attractions of the theme park. The spectacle of the flowing stream of water, illuminated by illumination and a unique palette of colors, will surprise any visitor and give a romantic evening of silkiness.

The arbor of secrets, as one more mysterious place on the expanses of the reserve, can present some kind of privacy that is sweet to the heart. Reconstruction of the gazebo did not take away from the place the primary mysterious purpose for hidden flirting and love domestic intrigues. To weave an affair with a charming companion in the arbor of secrets in the park during the day is quite possible even under the moon, as the reserve is open until a romantic midnight.

In conclusion, we can add only that with a strong note in the male character, it will be possible to control the course of the bursts of feelings during a meeting. The right mood can present any convenient moment, which you should remember about when organizing your personal leisure by visiting Moscow.