Where you can meet a girl

Where to meet a girl: places and events

  What are these places where you can make a dating and a conscious choice in favor of a serious relationship.

Common Errors

The tendency of the last decades leads the young people to a standstill with the question "where to get acquainted with the girl", because in public places to get acquainted with the beautiful individual for the establishment of any relationship becomes all more problematic. The main problem for many young people is the fact that in fact everything for dating is waiting for weekend days off or other days, which, in their opinion, is better for first contact with the opposite sex. Guys, because of their own shortsightedness of hot youth, prefer to choose places that are called "field", thus considering that such variants of places to meet and tie serious relationships are win-win: a bar, a night club.

So, a few erroneous factors that young people take for win-win options in the question of "where to meet a girl »:

              Do not wait for the day off, but to attack the beautiful floor in places where you can visit every day, and every day you miss the opportunity to have a pleasant acquaintance. After all, after looking around, many immediately notice the beauties just around them, being on a pair at the university or in the library.

              Bars and nightclubs, as places to visit at leisure, are not the most acceptable option for dating, especially for establishing a serious relationship with a girl. Based on experience, not many married couples can boast of acquaintance in a nightclub.

              It is always worthwhile to monitor your own appearance, and not just on weekends. A woman can be liked and in a minimal neat appearance.

              It is recommended to always use the opportunity to flirt with the opposite sex. If you do not have the ability to flirt, then you can and even better use humor in the conversation.

              It is always worth trying, so that the minute of communication and that became memorable.

Spaces for dating

The more significant places every young person will know, the higher the likelihood of a pleasant acquaintance with an attractive virgin for the establishment of a serious relationship. So, already today in practice it is permissible to use the following places for dating with girls:


Many girls attend any courses for their own development to become better or smarter: dances, language courses and others.

              Student's club at the institute.

Such places can be called KVN, Starost Council and so on. The main thing is not the name, because in all student organizations there are interesting personalities with whom you can not only get acquainted, but also interesting to spend leisure time.


Visiting the trainings speaks volumes about the development of the young person.

              The hostel.

Student hostels also do not write off interesting places for dating, unless, of course, you are still a student. Otherwise, it may look, at least, a perversion.

              Friends' birthdays, weddings.

Mass festivities, like no other, have for dating. It is only necessary to always agree and respond to invitations, otherwise they will soon stop inviting, having been classified as boring and self-estranged.

              Place of main activity.

If a young person is in search of work, then it's high time to pay attention to firms where the basis of the team consists of beautiful individuals of the weaker sex.

It is always worth remembering that women, no less than the male population, want interesting acquaintances and communication. If absolutely there is no time for a hike in sign-on places for acquaintances, we advise to pay attention to the Portfolio, placed in the service of our portal. Here, everyone will find an interesting person, an interlocutor, as well as a company for exciting leisure.