Individual approach

Marjino: an individual approach, a comfortable soul

Beautifully, cleverly, liberated

Modern style of representing the world suggests next to a successful businessman a gracefully walking companion, which will become a special enchanting spectacle in Marino. In the nomination of such support by our specialized professionals, the girl is selected not only with elegant body and beauty data, but also an elegant model, sensible and capable of supporting the conversation at a secular level.

Our agency professional level of providing escort services, is ready to organize a relaxing holiday worthy of a man, when all the presentation obligations and the burden of creating comfort, will take on the companion of the escort service. Beautiful, charming companion, prepared in a special way by our specialists at the trainings, is able not only to decorate and diversify the evening exercise, but also to become an interesting interlocutor on a social event or any other solemn event.

Rest in the company of an elite model or an aspiring actress is a service that not every ordinary citizen can afford. The service is available to gentlemen who are ready to pay and receive in exchange qualitative comfortable service of the best and most beautiful girls of Marino and all Moscow. In our collection of beauties, anyone experienced by the attention of women's beauty and friendliness, the gentleman, will find for himself the most beautiful and attentive girl who can satisfy all the desires of her client. The service gives the right to choose a client for the girl, including models, novice actresses, students of higher education institutions of Moscow and other stylish ladies who are looking for a short-term or long-term romance with a prosperous gentleman, friendship or support in the person of a high-ranking lord.

Comfortable, professional, confidential

Not always a person with a high status of achievements has time to find a companion, who does not bother her problems, always cheerful and lively companion, and an irrepressible companion for traveling. The desire to find a soul mate in one-on-one meetings or permanent, moves a man toward avoiding permanent relationships that are unlikely to satisfy all the personal and individual requirements of a successful and wealthy person.

To help in typical situations of painful search for a specially prepared charming lady, our agency of professional escort and organization of comfortable rest comes. Our smart young ladies can play a given role with the professionalism of the leading actress in any situation and in the society of high-ranking officials. Girls with an excellent reputation, to support any level of conversation in the company of wealthy gentlemen, as their training and trainings are aimed at acquaintance with high art, nuances in politics, as well as studying foreign languages and the ability to look charming always.

Employees of our company are often participants of fashionable photosets for leading magazines, couturier shows. An active life position and constant improvement of oneself in the new unknown horizons of activity, as a person, makes a real lady out of a lady. A scrupulous approach in the selection of employees for escorts guarantees an elite rest at a really high professional level.

The secret of the image enhancement of the client's status will be a girl attached to escort. This ensures complete confidentiality of any kind of information and personal data in cooperation with our escort agency, as well as a new image and face of your crystal reputation.