Elite escort

Elite escort: VIP escort and related services for successful and wealthy people

The foundation of our agency – organize and provide high-quality, safe and reliable services of elite level of support for business and busy individuals. We are professionals in our business and we know a lot about raising the client's status and the comfort of support.

Individuality in approach

We, as an elite escort agency, cooperate with the best models and leading experts of the beauty and fashion industry. Our services of elite escort are focused on individual wishes of the customer. And they are based on their vast experience gained in the market of elite escort services.

The guarantee of a worthy level of the service ordered by the client is the fact of an individual approach to the selection of candidates.

For achievements and quality improvement

In order to reach a decent level of providing escort services at an elite level, our specialists have done a great job that does not end every day, but is gaining scope more and more. So to achieve a high level, we have reviewed all applications individually, made personal acquaintance with candidates for the escort model.

Selected girls wishing to become professional escort escorts passed special training courses and briefings. Courses of preparation consist in statements correctly and naturally submit themselves, speaker's speech courses, the basics of secular etiquette and the ability to conduct a conversation. As many have passed language courses of training of foreign languages. Instruction is held virtually everywhere, and is the framework that is necessary to provide the client with the declared level of quality of escort services.

An indispensable condition for our lady is an explanation of the fairly important and indisputable value of clients, such as the inviolability and complete closure of access to the customer's private life. At the head of each briefing is a ban for girls about collecting, storing, as well as using any personal information about the customer and potential client without his personal consent and encouragement.

Our specialists understand that a woman for a man is a kind of melody, a nice outlet that brings a feeling of freshness and novelty of emotions in the everyday days of a successful businessman. Charming laughter, graceful manners, statuesque figure, weakness of nature in the presence of a man, warmth-gazing look – it's all euphoria, which can not be abandoned by any sensible person. In every representative of the beautiful half of humanity this exists, and our specialists disclose it and give it to our customers. Therefore, any man who applies to our elite escort escort services can be sure that he will get even more than he expects.

Guarantees in Advantage

By providing service, we carefully and thoughtfully approach all components of the process of ordering escorting. Thus, we are guaranteed, provide a feeling of complete comfort and security, which is what the activities of our company are famous for. To the main advantages of cooperation with us, it is permissible to include:

        Complete security.

Charming girls undergo constant control over their health, and at the reception, all aspects of their personal biography are checked. At the request of the client, all necessary documents and a biography of private life can be submitted for consideration.

        Maximum privacy.

Each of our employees is prepared in the best way and is guaranteed to keep the information of the personal data and the privacy of the client.

        The quality of the elite service.

Each of the staff of the escort agency is selected in accordance with the understanding of the scope of our company, which will not bring in the communication unnecessary fuss and inconsistency.