For successful men, selected companions

For successful men, the chosen companions

Such a concept as "escort services" » known to many, but not all correctly interpreted, that is, simply do not know what it is. Often, after hearing a typical expression, it is permissible to see a contemptuous grin on the face of people who erroneously orient themselves to a completely different kind of activity associated with the ancient priestesses of love. Hence, it is worth explaining the broad sense of this type of activity, which our agency is engaged in.

The concept of "escort services" » - giving honors

The concept is interpreted only as maintenance by means of a service of any type of type of provision. And this line of activity is not connected in any way with another kind of obscene earnings and is not veiled under the beautiful emblem of elite escort services. Yes, yes, it is, this is exactly what our agency is doing.

It is worth recalling the standard expression, as "honorary escorts" intended for the transmission of official delegations or persons of national importance. Girls to accompany on video of solemn events of national importance do not cause smiles. For example, accompanying a funeral procession at the burial of a public significant figure is also an escort, which is not uncommon in many videos in news reports. Marine escort, where there may also be girls, is even a guard, assigned to special marine vessels at any crossing.

Whatever the accompaniment services are regarding the type of provision, this kind of event is assigned exclusively in special cases. Similar to the protection or aesthetic visual framing, but always emphasizing the special level of the status of an escorted or guarded client.

Forming the image

For many, it's not a secret that many companies, under the guise of escort, offer a completely different kind of service, completely alien to the activities of our agency.

Our agency provides escort services, which exclusively form the image component of the client. Earlier it was noted that our services represent the escort of a certain person. The girls of our company accompany special persons on vacation, at a business meeting, at social events, sports and solemn events, forming a halo of a certain client image.

It is considered that escort is attached to the person quite important. Only you can imagine what the public will be to the man, appear at an important ceremony or other solemn event, even of national importance, with a companion in the person of a celebrity or a very charming and elegant lady. At least a splash of conversations will be called instantly, and in the maximum scope that our charming and highly educated agency girls can guarantee, the image rating of the male person will rise at times.

Previously, the search for dating with chic ladies and celebrities took a lot of time. As you know, free time for successful men is completely absent. And it is not proper for a high-ranking person to get acquainted on the street. Now the whole spectrum of searches, selection of individual wishes, acquaintance and preparation of a beautiful lady for the event, our company entrusts itself.

A solid man just has to enjoy the company of an accompanying educated beauty with beautiful manners, tact, sense of intuition and humor. Rest assured, the ladies are endowed with the ability not to eclipse a gentleman, but exclusively to distinguish him from his own background.