Business escort

Business escort: specialized escort service

Participation in a large forum, solemn signing of a partnership agreement, getting a prestigious award or going to a secular party – all these aspects for the business person are an excuse, to ponder, with whom and how to get out into such a picky light. This will help our professional bookkeepers and charming employees.

The essence of the service business services

The essence of service, recognizable as a business escort, has been known to many and a long time. At the heart of the service lies the fact that at a solemn event a successful person does not appear in Byronic solitude, but in the company of an attractive and educated companion who plays the role of an exclusive accessory.

The effect of professional business support on the face. Just imagine how at a business event your partner appears accompanied by an impressively beautiful girl. The first thought that can visit, looks roughly in the format that a business partner attracts for such beautiful women, then there is in him the charisma and grasp of a real businessman. And if to add to the whole visual charm the high level of intellectual abilities of the charming companion, the elegance of judgments and thoughts, then a successful transaction will take place in whatever, at any rate.

The business escort provides educated individuals with a model appearance for escorting not only for the purpose of attending business negotiations and signing important contracts. Services may not be limited to a further business dinner.

So, for example, a businessman for work purposes can fly to another completely unknown city to a meeting of shareholders, negotiations or to get acquainted with an interesting commercial offer. The environment, like the environment around a person is not familiar and alien. Even the fact may be unknown where there is an acceptable option for overnight accommodation, decently to have dinner or it is interesting to take a walk with pleasure. Do not walk around the hotel complex, and dine, everyone knows it's better not at the hotel. For the purposes of a comfortable device, the guest enjoys a pleasant trip in the city tour, and accompany the respected businessman to all directions given by the trip, partners can be arranged to meet and further escort in the company of an attractive person.

Employees of the highest category

The activities of the escort organizational process and individual specialists assigned to the escort are coordinated by a professional dispatcher (buker), which is a legal entity. The business escort is accepted by the buker in the form of a sales order. Further the order is processed concerning individual wishes of the client and personal preferences, besides, the place and importance of the future action is considered. For the characteristics selected several candidates with special skills (negotiating, knowledge of foreign languages, etc.), after which the customer chooses one of them.

Bookers for consideration by the client of the applicants provide those fine models that are not currently engaged in customer service, or will be completely free at the time of arrival of the guest in the city or on the day of the event. It is worth to be sure that business escorts are represented exclusively by professionals of their business with high organizational skills, ability to negotiate and secular conversations, with specialized entities in economics and jurisprudence.